Saturday, August 15, 2015

God Loves All His Children

[Excerpt by Ian Nicol in God's Divine Love is the Solution]

God loves all of His children means every single one of them, no matter what they have done. God waits patiently for their call and will not force Himself onto anyone. This is the great reason for our free will, which God has bestowed upon us.

God knows what is best for us, and sometimes what we think is best for us is detrimental to our own soul progress. It is the soul which is the important thing and the soul's condition makes us who we are.

A form of separation from God is the person who prayed to God; and as far as they could see, God did not answer them, or maybe it was that God did not answer in the manner they had anticipated and wished for.

I am writing this because in my travels, I have met people who have this idea that they are a lost cause when it comes to doing God's will, or even shudder at the thought of approaching God. For them, God is for the....


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