Thursday, August 6, 2015

God's Divine Love is the Solution is now published

This book is the second volume in the Divine Love Series containing writings from people around the world who have found the true enlightenment about the meaning of life and the prerequisite to obtaining immortality and salvation upon their passing from this earthly existence. The writers share their unique spiritual journeys which amazingly lead to the exact same place - the truth about God and the importance of receiving His Essence and Substance, Divine Love. This higher Love brings blissful happiness, peace and freedom and is the key that will unlock the hardest heart and the closed mind. 

It's patently evident the world is literally dying for change. People need help; they need solutions to their problems, and they need to know about God and that He's here to help. If this describes you, we're confident the stories in this book will benefit you personally, and more importantly, they will benefit you spiritually; and you will become motivated to take a simple and easy action to change your life for the better. 

Now is the time for change. God’s Divine Love is the Solution.

The paperback and Kindle editions are available on and for purchase as well on CreateSpace.

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