Friday, August 21, 2015

The Call That Commeth

[Excerpt by Cliff De Dora in God's Divine Love is the Solution]

I had been praying earnestly for nine months prior to truly receiving my portion of God's Divine Love. I will always recall the first time I felt it and the abundant joy and smile that came over me. I was very young at 19 when I first felt it. I was lying in bed in my room at my parents' home. It was late at night, and I was in prayer. I continually had feelings and heard a female voice urging me to "pray again" and to continue praying the Prayer for Divine Love and, lo and behold, at some point during the third time I was reciting it, God's Holy Spirit came upon me as a radiant beam of light and my soul began to flutter and radiate with the beginnings of Divinity.

For some time after, I continually began receiving God's Great Gift in measures which I could tangibly feel and conceive of, so much so that healing in various areas of my body began to take place. I had a skin condition, which was healed primarily only in the area of my chest where the Divine Love was first prevalent and flowing. It appeared as if God had parted the clouds of rain just for me and made a dry place everywhere I was in the midst of a stormy winter day.

This continued to occur for a period of time as I read the blue books and prayed the prayer in the same manner that Mr. Padgett had been instructed to do so. As time progressed, God's Great Law of Love began to transform my soul, alleviating many evil and inharmonious conditions that....


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