Saturday, September 19, 2015

My Testimony

[Excerpt by David Reed in God's Divine Love is the Solution]

Shortly after leaving the Navy, my search for God intensified in great part due to my recognition that He had been guiding me all along, despite my folly decisions. I began reading about the different religions of the world, not in great detail, but enough to have a basic understanding. Overall, they didn’t satisfy my curiosity, so I then started reading spiritual books and was particularly interested in Near Death Experiences and also watched television shows like John Edwards, who is a medium.

Then it occurred to me that God, or His angels, might be communicating over the internet through messages. I thought, “Why not?” So I began to do searches for messages online, which eventually led me to a New Birth website. The richness, detail and love I felt from these messages told me I was very near to finding what I had been searching for. This Divine Love thing was completely new to me and, at first I didn’t give it much attention but instead devoured the messages on descriptions of the afterlife. But, in time, I kept returning to these messages and occasionally those delivered through Mr. Padgett.

After being led to the messages of Divine Love, I turned my gaze elsewhere and got interested in other activities of life, but I would return to the messages with a renewed interest. Every time I returned to nourish my soul, I wanted to stay longer and as time went on my interest in the distractions of life became a little less. This went on for over ten years and it’s been in the last few years or so that I’ve committed myself more to....  


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