Sunday, September 27, 2015

On Finding My Spiritual Road Map

[Excerpt by Sandy Wagner in God's Divine Love is the Solution]

Reading the handful of copied pages, it took me awhile to recognize my once own words, but the farther I read the more of my memory reappeared from a place far back in the basements of my mind.

The story dealt with a hard-hearted Scrooge-like character that reluctantly opened his home’s door to a boy who supposedly had lost his way to his parents’ house during a cold winter’s night. As you may already imagine, the Scrooge-like man is not as hard of heart as he had appeared at first. It doesn’t take him long to pick up his coat, ready to accompany the boy on his way home to his parents' house. Anyway, to make a long story short, in the end it is the other way around - it is the little boy who is walking the man home to His Heavenly Father.

Now, the interesting part about this little writing of mine is a remark I had made therein about the man now finally being able to open up his soul to the inflowing of God’s Love.

Why is this interesting, you may wonder? Well, to me this is interesting because I had unconsciously pronounced an innermost belief that consciously I had only adopted over a year later in the spring of 1995.

There’s this true saying about the teacher who appears once the student is ready. And another truth often recited about the pregnant woman who all of a sudden sees pregnant women everywhere around her. I have always thought that when I first read the volumes of True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus in 1995, that these books told me nothing altogether new, but only clarified, affirmed and deepened the beliefs I already had. But you know.... 

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