Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Many Signs Along the Way

[Excerpt by Holly Bianco in God's Divine Love is the Solution]

Since the start of my journey in receiving the Transforming Love of God, I have been blessed with some incredible spiritual experiences. These experiences have been a testimony and a validation that God's Love is the Truth and the Way to getting closer to Him and finding spirituality in the true sense of the word. Yes, at times our religious doctrines can give us some insight, but they can only take us so far. I'm here to proclaim that one does not have to wait until death's crossing to find out whether a spiritual belief is true or not. The Divine Love residing in the soul will unlock the truth and will open the door to the true realities and manifestation of all things spiritual.

My story begins with soul faith. I say "soul faith" because it is not a mental belief in God or a doctrine, but instead, it is a faith that arises from the soul itself due to God's Love residing therein. The Divine Love I received in my soul produced the necessary faith energy, which then led to the opening of my spiritual eyes and ears to a spiritual world. It was like I had one foot in this world and one foot in the next world. At that point, my mind then learned what my soul and spirit were experiencing. Doctrines go right out the window while the living truth is staring you straight in the face. It amazes me at times when I hear individuals say, "No one can say for sure what lies beyond death or if God exists." But that is simply not true. Through the Divine Love and the soul faith that follows, the spiritual truths will be confirmed and it will manifest those signs along the way. It will validate over and over again the direction we are heading is the right course.

My Divine Love story will testify that God wants us to connect with Him now and to grow spiritually while we walk the earth. My first encounter with the angels and feeling God's Presence occurred after praying earnestly from my soul for His Love to flow in which caused my spiritual faculties to awaken. At first, I started to perceive someone watching me. Then soon after, I was able to come into contact....

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