Saturday, November 28, 2015

Encounter With God

[Excerpt by Patricia Doyle in God's Divine Love is the Solution]

In March 1980, I visited my cousin, a chiropractic doctor in Encinitas, California, and during my stay I felt a welcoming acceptance and understanding within my cousin’s circle of friends and in the community regarding spiritual emergence. Feeling increasingly drawn to this supportive community, I told my husband I wanted to move there inviting his participation. He declined. Sadly, yet amicably, we ended our marriage over spiritual and religious differences.

Three thousand miles away in Washington, D.C., a young man named Jonathan Sperry had a spiritual experience guiding him to move to Encinitas, California in the same month and year. We kept crossing paths in powerful, magical and mysterious ways and found out we lived on the same street. We started talking about our spiritual journeys and experiences, and the next time we met, Jonathan had a book to share with me that had been an integral part of his spiritual journey, True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus, giving me a volume of automatic writings received by James E. Padgett, Esq. Having already experienced the living spirit of Jesus, I instantly recognized the writings as genuine, brought them to my heart, prayed to God in gratitude, received an inflowing of God’s Love, and then clearly felt the spirit of Jesus with us, whose presence I had felt little of since November 1976.

With this background, I have come, through my soul’s perceptions and experiences of God’s Love, to embrace these scriptures as many people embrace the Bible. I believe in the living Jesus, who can come at any time, any minute, any hour, and any day to anyone, and has done so many times since his death.

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