Monday, December 28, 2015

My Revelation

[Excerpt by Tim Foley in God's Divine Love is the Solution]

That evening radio station KJLH, Los Angeles (“that’s kindness, joy, love, and happiness!”) was airing one of my favorite programs, “Immortals of Jazz.” I turned on the radio and stretched out on the bed with hands over my solar plexus when it happened:

With only the listening of the music on my mind, an indescribable ‘feeling’ came over me, over my entire mind and body. The physicality of the room seemed to vanish, so filled with a brilliant, yet comforting Light it was. The awareness of my physical body was gone as well, except for my hands, which seemed doubled in size yet weightless, and for a smile like no other that just came upon me.

Aside from the amazement about my hands, the physical ‘paralysis’, the smile, and the wondrous observance of the light-infused room, the thought hit me: “This is It. This is from Above, not from me. There is a Heavenly Being causing this to happen! It is powerful, beneficent, loving. I’ve got to tell everyone about this!”

The next day was filled with the memory of the astonishing perceptual experience and more importantly the knowing at long last that God or some Supreme Being exists. But why did it happen, and so unexpectedly? My mind raced on, until I thought to pick up the Revelation book to see if something there might offer an explanation. I turned to the excerpt that began with “I am here, Jesus” and eagerly re-read the words that followed. This was it! This was the truth, and this must have been what triggered the experience of the night before. I wrote a letter to the publisher, Foundation Church of the New Birth, requesting the book from which the excerpts were taken.

In August 1974, my parents sent me money for a train ticket, and I left Long Beach for San Francisco. I lived there, sleeping in the breakfast room, working in a print shop by day, and spending the evenings reading Vol. II of True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. I fondly remember carefully reading each page, marveling at the truth-filled passages. I knew beyond any doubt what I was privileged to read was the Truth and that....

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