Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Testimony

[Excerpt by Rev. David R. Kenney in God's Divine Love is the Solution]

I was educated in Catholic schools for my first nine years with Catechism first thing every day. So much of my thinking in my early years was about God and our relationship with God. Some of the concepts that struck me the most were: “that we are Created in the image and likeness of God;” that “God is Love;” and our purpose was “to know, love and serve God in this life and the next.” It is not my experience that the answers to these questions may be found with the reasoning faculties of the mind, but with the qualities of the soul’s perceptions and a burning desire for the Truth. The actual knowledge (knowingness) may be obtained in the soul.

In 1956, I was wondering and daydreaming as I often did about these things. I really did not “know” if it was all true. I was in a large field by myself. I screamed at the sky, “I don’t know if you really are there, but I want to know!” I went into some kind of an “altered state of consciousness.” I was aware of soft gentle voices giving me information and establishing well within my consciousness that God existed, and that God was the Creator....

In 1976, I went to a church service after many years of profound ups and downs, which produced considerable existential crises, or what some call “The Dark Night of the Soul.” At the end of the service, about 70 people held hands in a circle and prayed “The Prayer Perfect.” As I listened, the words inspired my soul. The power of the Holy Spirit was so palpable that I wept. I felt as if I had “come home.”

I continued studying the Truths in True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus after prayer for the Divine Love that opens the soul’s perceptions. This method was strongly advised by my mentors, as it places the soul and its perceptions in ascendancy over the reasoning attributes of the mind. Also, much meditation and contemplation on the Truths contained in the Messages from Jesus and Celestials. I have continued this process even to this day.

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