Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Seventy Year Search for God’s Love

[Excerpt by Joseph Babinsky in God's Divine Love is the Solution]

My search for answers renewed an interest in writing that first began in the late 1950s. What began as a process of journaling thoughts and aspirations and dreams eventually grew into a passion, eventually taking shape in the form of authoring self-published books.

And then it happened … I was ready. One day in the spring of 2006 while gathering background material for a new book and researching historical references on a particular subject, I chose to do a portion of this research on the Internet. I typed the subject into a search engine and multiple pages of suggestions popped on the screen of my computer. I began reading various references, taking notes as I went along. Well, after a long time of doing this, following one reference after another on the Internet, I came upon a website where the spiritualistic writings of James Padgett and others are archived. Although I found additional historical references for the subject that I was researching, the source of this information was very unusual and completely unexpected. The information I read was claimed to come directly from eyewitness accounts; namely, individuals that died hundreds of years ago were said to be communicating to a person alive on earth in the early 20th century! This is how I first came in contact with James Padgett and the spirit communications that he recorded in 1914 through 1920 from Jesus and other Celestial Spirits on the subject of the Great Love of God (Divine Love).

My search for God’s Love abruptly ended near the date of my 71st Birthday! The celebration began and the party now continues every day! What does this mean? This means that I am now enjoying the gift of the Divine Love in ways that I did not understand or enjoy until I received the knowledge (revelation) of the existence of the Divine Love through reading the Padgett messages. There is a short excerpt I wish to quote....

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