Sunday, March 13, 2016

Finding the Narrow Road

[Excerpt by Marga McCrady in God's Divine Love is the Solution]

My path to finding the narrow road, which is the path that leads to the Divine Love of God, was not easy or quick. It has taken years with many twists and turns. I might have found it sooner, if I was not so stubborn and hard-headed while letting life’s setbacks and disappointments stop me from staying closer to God. Yet, looking back, I can see that each of the several churches provided me seeds of wisdom or “pieces of a puzzle” that helped me finally see the big picture.

I grew up in church, giving my heart to Jesus at a very early age in the Church of God in Christ. However, by my senior year of high school, I left that denomination and joined a Baptist church for their youth choir, where I stayed for several years until one of my co-workers and his wife came to visit my church one Sunday. After which they said that I was not being taught the complete word of God there. They suggested I check out a new non-denominational church that was close to my home in Inglewood, California. At this church, I would learn about faith, standing on the Word of God, and also about the new movement of the Holy Spirit and its gifts of operation. These concepts were so new and inspiring to me, I was convinced that God had sent them to help me come up higher....

Some years later, a close family friend invited me to attend a Four-Square church where we literally saw the Bible come alive. God seemed to be ushering yet another new era as something had shifted. Even this new church’s pastor had mediumistic abilities and received divine messages while he was preaching. He had even prophesized about many changes that God was going to be making in the churches. Despite all this, the Lord let me know that He was not always in the spiritual activities nor was he pleased with what was going on at this church.

While still there, in the spring of 1997, I discovered the book True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus received by James E. Padgett at the public library. As I read Volume I, it resonated in my soul on one level, while turning my world upside down on another. Again, I cried out to God for confirmation. He did not disappoint. He sent confirmation after confirmation to validate this book. So I even called the publishers, FCNB, and sent off for any additional volumes. The truths in these books help me understand that the experience of receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is in reality one being “Born Again of water and the Spirit” as Jesus had spoken to Nicodemus about in John 3:1-10. And while the numerous spiritual experiences that had occurred to me – and so many others – had felt so real that we believed we had possessed this gift and were baptized in the Holy Spirit. Yet, it was not so. How? In actuality the truth was....

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