Sunday, May 15, 2016

My Testimony

[Excerpt by Elizabeth Morana in God's Divine Love is the Solution]

I believe that the first time I felt the Divine Love was one night in the spring of 1993. I didn’t know the term “Divine Love” and had not yet heard of the Padgett messages. But I did believe at the time that it was God’s Love that I was experiencing.

It was about seven years later that I began to read the Padgett messages, and even then, I was not sure that it had been “Divine Love” that I’d experienced that night. It took several years of prayer before I felt sure that it was.
I sense now that it was coming to me for a purpose, as a ‘gift,’ to show me what is possible, what is actually there for the receiving—that it’s not just ‘pie in the sky’ or wishful thinking, or distortion of the mind. I carried this ‘gift’ in my heart for another seven years until I found the Padgett messages in January 2000—at the beginning of the next Millennium. And I began to learn that this ‘gift’ was not something that might happen once in a great while, it was evidence of a great Love that we can seek every moment, and which can transform our souls completely.

Here’s what happened: I was sitting in my living room in upper Manhattan (New York City); it was about 11:00 p.m., and I was listening to my husband play a beautiful piece on the little piano across the room. As I listened, I was filled with the beauty coming through the music, and also with a
yearning of some sort.

I turned and looked out into the dark through our large picture window overlooking Inwood Park. The feeling within me, a reaching out to God, strengthened. I stayed with the yearning. I noticed a light outside the window, in the sky. It was kind of a filmy light and I told myself it was probably an optical illusion. Yet something else in me felt more and more strongly about wanting something, and as I did, the light became brighter and larger.

Even though part of me was ‘explaining’ it to myself as just the result of a visual distortion, I still continued to welcome both the yearning and the light. I kept yearning more for a sense of God’s....

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