Saturday, June 25, 2016

My Journey

[Excerpt by Ron Shoemaker in God's Divine Love is the Solution]

Nature and the outdoors have always been one of my interests. There is something special in nature. As a youngster I was impressed with the way the various parts of nature worked together to create what I saw as beauty and harmony. Beyond nature, I could see a Creator at work, meticulous in His efforts.

In the 1950’s, my father came across the second volume of the Messages from Jesus and Celestials received through James E. Padgett and published by Dr. Leslie R. Stone. We both became very engrossed with what the messages proclaimed. And so, as the messages challenged Mr. Padgett to try the experiment and pray for the Divine Love, we did; thus, began our spiritual journey which continues to this day. We realize the Divine Love will come into our souls and find lodgment to the degree we allow it to enter...

As I continued to read the messages from a variety of writers, the messages from John seemed to have special meaning for me. There was the constant referral to the Divine Love as opposed to something called the natural love. The messages kept insisting the love we humans have at birth is distinctly different from the love that God has. The Great Soul’s Divine Love was unique and functioned within a totally separate paradigm. In terms of man’s soul and its natural love, the messages kept pointing out that man was created in the image of God’s Soul and Its....

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